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A Bluetooth headset can come in various sizes, shapes, and designs and it is only for the user to decide on which one to have, depending on his preference and the type of use. However, the most important factor that can influence decision can be comfort in use. The headset type is large but it can be the most comfortable to use if the user is on his phone most of the day, or while at work. This type can be the most comfortable one to use especially if you are talking of wearing this for most of the day, although also not good to look at. For long term use, this one is the most comfortable. For short term use, or using the Bluetooth headset for a limited time like when driving, the headset over the ear can be the preferred type to use. This is handy and also convenient to use while driving, but also not very comfortable.

Therefore, if you are thinking of what the best Bluetooth headset to use is, the answer can lie on your type of usage and also according to your preference. The type of use can be on the job, thus your preference can be comfort, and you may prefer the headset type which can be more comfortable in the long term. If you will use this headset while driving or walking around, the smaller headset worn over the ear can be handier although this may not also be very comfortable to wear for a longer time. Thus, whatever your needs will be, this will have a big impact on your decision on which Bluetooth headset to have and use. The type of headset that can be easily worn or take off whenever needed, can be the ideal one to have.

The design of this Bluetooth technology is just only for short range, thus the phone most not be over 30 feet from the headset, in order to be effective. This is ideal to use in cars where you can make and receive calls while driving. A Bluetooth headset can be your hands free tool while driving, and yet you can make and receive calls without sacrificing safety. If this is used while at work, you only see to it that there will sol republic be no interference, like having no walls between you and the phone while at use because there can be interference. Having the effect of usage only at short range, you can save on the batteries because long range usage can drain batteries faster.

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth headset to have, you can also look at sound quality because you definitely would not like to have one where you will have sounds that are unrecognizable or there are scratching sounds.

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